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Thought you'd like to know:    "CNN is reporting that our U.S. military has conducted airstrikes against ISIS chemical weapons targets — that would be weapons of mass destruction (WMD) for those of you following along at home — based on information provided by a senior ISIS operative capture."



CNN is reporting that our U.S. military has conducted airstrikes against ISIS chemical weapons targets — that would be weapons of mass destruction (WMD) for those of you following along at home — based on information provided by a senior ISIS operative capture.


The U.S. military has conducted airstrikes against targets it believes are crucial to ISIS’ chemical weapons program based on information provided by a senior ISIS operative involved in chemical weapons, several U.S. officials told CNN.

The information he provided to interrogators has given the U.S. enough information to begin striking ISIS areas in Iraq associated with the group’s chemical weapons program. One U.S. official said the goal is to locate, target and carry out strikes that will result in the destruction of ISIS’s entire chemical weapons enterprise — mainly mustard agent ISIS produces itself.

So, what does this mean beyond the headlines? Col. Allen West delves deeper here with his analysis:

So, President Obama has said the “war on terror” has pretty much ended. Just for the record, I do believe that’s a horrible moniker, as a nation cannot fight a tactic, such as “terror.” Therefore, let’s establish this is a war against Islamic jihadism or Islamo-fascism.


Obama has declared — unilaterally mind you — that combat operations are over, done, kaput. So, may I ask, why are we deploying U.S. Special Operations forces and conventional combat troops to Iraq and Afghanistan? C’mon Barack, just level with us, you based strategic security decisions on your campaign promises and political ideology, and it’s backfired. And now you and your genius National Security Advisors Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes — an English poetry major, I believe — cannot get out of your own way fast enough. And it seems the real strategy, in your mind, is just to pass this hot potato onto the next unlucky schmuck while you open up a presidential library.

The question is simple: if we’re not in combat, then explain the following.

As reported by Fox News:

U.S. special forces captured the head of the Islamic State terror group’s unit trying to develop chemical weapons in a raid last month in northern Iraq, a defense official tells Fox News.

“We are using information we have learned for operations,” one official said. The captured operative was identified as Sleiman Daoud al-Afari. 

He told U.S. interrogators ISIS had converted banned mustard gas into powdered form to launch in artillery shells, The New York Times adds. 

Just yesterday, defense officials said U.S. warplanes in Syria targeted and likely killed an ISIS leader who served essentially as the terror group’s secretary of defense.

he Iraq raid marks one of the first known major success of Washington’s more aggressive policy of pursuing jihadis on the ground. The Obama administration launched the new strategy in December, deploying a commando force to Iraq that it said would be dedicated to capturing and killing ISIS leaders in clandestine operations, as well as generating intelligence leading to more raids.

Let me explain to y’all that a raid is a combat operation; it’s not training. And it appears ISIS is in the business of weapons of mass destruction — which is what chemical weapons are — they also have the ground delivery systems to employ the chemical weapons.

It’s perfectly fine that we captured the head of ISIS’ chemical weapons unit, and I applaud our Special Operators who nabbed this savage, but what next? How shall we exploit the intelligence attained from this fella? And I gotta ask the question, who of you would be upset if this vermin was “water boarded”? I will definitively state here that I would not give a doggone.

And this leads to a subsequent question, what is the fate of this unlawful enemy combatant? Since President Obama believes the existence of GITMO is a recruiting tool for these Islamic jihadists, what happens to Sleiman Daoud al-Afari? Shall he be read Miranda rights and given legal representation? Will he just be allowed to await a day in court — to face what charges? Or will he just be released back into the wild like in some “Free Willy” movie?

This is where Obama’s political ideology and insidious campaign promises cloud the battlefield. Simply put, Sleiman should be ushered off to GITMO where he will stay until either the black flags of Islamic jihadism are burned in surrender, or his death. Actually, being a member of a non-state, non-uniformed terrorist organization, after there’s been a requisite exploitation of his provided intelligence, he should be summarily executed. His body disposed in some unknown location — the bottom of a large body of water is suitable.

At some point, we have to send a very clear message to Islamic jihadists: if you wish to die and go to your believed paradise, we are willing to arrange the travel. Of course, the weak-kneed will say this is over-the-top rhetoric and bravado that just fuels war-mongering and more conflict. Hate to tell y’all, but ever since the Dey of Algiers explained to Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in 1790s Paris why the Barbary pirates were attacking our merchant ships and enslaving our citizens, there’s been a line drawn in the sand. And Islamic jihadists have crossed that line on countless occasions — to include the recent killing of an American tourist in Tel Aviv.

Consider this, the admission before the Senate Armed Services Committee by the Commanding General of US CENTCOM, General Lloyd Austin, that there’s no strategy for attacking the proclaimed ISIS caliphate capitol of Raqqa. So are we just going to sit back for a year and not commit the full power and might of our nation and lead a REAL coalition of willing partners to crush ISIS?

The fact is that we’ve now confirmed knowledge ISIS has and is using chemical weapons. That they’re weaponizing these chemicals for delivery in surface-to-surface employment is not a good thing. It also makes you ask the question, is this part of the chemical weapons that were supposed to have been transported out of Syria?

Y’all remember that infamous red line of one Barack Obama that became everyone’s red line and nothing was done. Well, Vladimir Putin came in and said he would handle the situation, to which the Obama administration abdicated. Hmm, wonder what other WMD may possibly be in abundance in Syria?

U.S. officials said last week the Delta Force team had captured an Islamic State leader but had refused to identify him, saying only that he had been held for two or three weeks and was being questioned. Iraqi officials said al-Afari worked for Saddam Hussein’s now-dissolved Military Industrialization Authority where he specialized in chemical and biological weapons. They said al-Afari, who is about 50 years old, heads the Islamic State group’s recently established branch for the research and development of chemical weapons.

He was captured in a raid near the northern Iraqi town of Tal Afar, the officials told The Associated Press. They would not give further details.

We are still engaged in a war, in combat. We cannot become so obtuse and weak that we dismiss this enemy just to appease a failed political ideology and campaign strategy. The U.S. Operation Detachment (Delta) is the premier anti-terrorism force. Their actions are to be lauded, but we must go beyond the nabbing of one terrorist here and there — we need to find where the roaches are, and open up a big can of Raid.

In closing, President Obama, how would you classify Sleiman Daoud al-Afari, and what shall be his final disposition?



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