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Read this entire message, then consider the content point by point. and connect the dots. rca

I don't often issue these 'special reports,' but a friend just found and reported this shocking video statement found at http://www.macsmind.com/wordpress/2008/02/27/obama-plans-to-disarm-america/ that caused me to start thinking about what I've shared with you in the past. This is too important to wait until the next Homeland Security Newsletter. Maybe you're already aware, but I listened first in disbelief -- reviewed it a second time and believe that it needs to be seen and heard by every citizen concerned with the defense of our nation. This generally unreported content is absolutely shocking and reprehensible.

This well-funded individual is clearly planning in very specific terms to universally and methodically disarm our nation at a time of one of our greatest perils. The video content shows malice and forethought in this regard.
One of my concerns is that such plans are even now being made 'behind the scene' by those who will take up and can fund the cause. The question is for what, and more specifically “for whom”. Think about who is now buying some of our major financial concerns and now defense related companies -- then connect the dots -- BEFORE the next attack against America.

As an example, I just learned yesterday that the Carlyle Group is buying a portion of Booz Allen Hamilton which is splitting up. BAH is selling its U.S. government business to the private-equity firm called the Carlyle Group for $2.54 billion and spinning off its commercial business into a separate company.
Oil Money recycles back to the US and the West, often in the most legitimate ways. Sovereign Investment Funds have acquired large chunks of America's financial flagships: Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone and the Carlyle Group. Sovereign wealth funds are neither good nor bad, but governments make them so.
A foreign government acquiring a serious stake in US corporate gems will influence US policies in the Middle East and elsewhere. The oil sheikhs are working to 'tweak' attitudes towards extremism and terrorism, and buy access to politicians through lobbying and campaign contributions. http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/id.71/pub_detail.asp

Others are concerned as well that 'in the future, these funds may acquire defense and technology flagships:
Boeing, General Electric, Lockheed Martin and others, or go after primary media assets, from CNN to FOX.' http://wordpress.com/tag/sovereign-investment-funds/ AND http://johnibii.wordpress.com/2007/08/21/us-fears-overseas-funds-could-buy-up-america/

Oil revenues may be used in much more sinister ways. Money can buy nuclear weapons programs, ballistic missile arsenals, and other arms. It can also pay for terrorist armies.

Please compare the points mentioned in the first video with the points in this statement http://www.macsmind.com/wordpress/2008/02/27/obama-plans-to-disarm-america/

AND don't miss this one

AND read http://www.defenddemocracy.org/research_topics/research_topics_show.htm?doc_id=685409

AND http://actforamerica.org/headlines/featured/us-muslims-are-concerned-over-new-us-senate-report-on-terrorism-so-are-we.html

AND http://actforamerica.org/headlines/featured/congressional-inquiry-hospitals-cant-handle-attack-trauma-centers-lack-capacity-for-terrorism-victims-lawmakers-say.html

AND http://actforamerica.org/headlines/french-aiming-for-paris-to-be-islamic-finance-centre-who-gets-the-euro-zakat.html

AND http://actforamerica.org/headlines/featured/rep-myrick-asks-president-bush-to-press-saudi-government-on-wahhabi-hate-texts-abusing-student-visa-programs-with-radical-clerics-and-exporting-terror.html

AND http://actforamerica.org/headlines/bush-goes-to-saudi-king-abdullahs-horse-farm-gives-him-a-nuclear-energy-deal-and-ends-up-with-zip.html


Without a doubt, we have an '800 pound gorilla in the room' -- the core of Jihadist doctrine in the Canon of Islam. Apparently, those who do not understand haven't considered the 'Mapping Sharia Project' interim report about how radical most US Mosques are. Nor have they had the benefit of a briefing by Stephen Coughlin on Islamic Law Threat Doctrine. They obviously didn't read the transcripts of the Dallas Federal Holy Land foundation trial about the objective of Muslim Brotherhood fronts to convert the US to Sharia Islamic Law in their secret 20 Year plan.


The governments of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela are engaged in a major covert effort to keep the world's oil tanker fleets from carrying petroleum to the thirsty global markets that need it. This is according to reliable sources who monitor the tanker industry, and sources within the American law enforcement community. The Iranian government has leased and engaged the bulk of the available supertankers, and smaller vessels and is storing oil in ten of them in the Persian Gulf, and keeping others idle whilst under lease or charter. The government of Venezuela is allegedly assisting Iran in this manipulative practice, which has resulted in the tripling of the daily charge for tanker use since April, because of a fifty per cent drop in vessel availability during the next thirty days, this is according to authoritative industry sources ... http://www.world-check.com/articles/2008/05/09/iran-venezuela-use-oil-tankers-manipulate-gliobal-/


Disarming America in the face of global financial instability and a determined, hateful and well-funded jihadist enemy with strategic plans for our demise is less than wise.

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